During my younger days, I used to work in Jollibee as part-time while I am pursuing my University. It was a really good experience and a big help for my studies being a self-supporting student. I’ve met a lot of different people who became friends, enemies, flings, mentors, crushes, more than a friend and so on 😁. It is almost 20 years now as I am writing this blog and I can still remember every detail of my memories and experiences in this fast food chain that I can call my second home during those days, the Jollibee Plaza Marcel and Jollibee Alturas.


I can say those were memories that I will cherish and treasure forever. I can still remember when I was applying as a service crew. I was in doubt and a little bit hopeless as my height doesn’t fit the requirements although my pleasing personality is, at least I guess? 😁. I started as Fryman in Jollibee Marcela and became a Production Controller. I was back then staying in Lamdagan Street with my co-crew Allan, Phans, Emylou & Candice. Allan and Phans were back then both a Grill man, Emylou and Candice were both Counter/SC. I remember Phans like to wear his own apron with print “Goodha“. I keep laughing looking at him as the apron fits him very well with his chubby built body plus his smiling face.

Lots of things happen on this store. Some were bad, some were good but the bottom line is those were experiences and memories helped me building myself to be ready in the real world. This was my first job, like proper job I can say. 

Then the Jollibee Alturas was born, can’t remember the date though. Sir Manny was the Store Manager with his team M’Gie, M’Ann, M’Scarlet, and M’Mylene, then S’Zizi after a year I guess.  I was assigned as the Production Controller during the opening. It was a successful opening I guess. Lots of visitors from different Jollibee stores came also to help.